Newnan High School JROTC

Devloping citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community since 1993.


Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

  1. What is JROTC?

    JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. The Newnan High School JROTC program performs various tasks throughout the community and school, as well as competes in competitions all over the state and nationally. The program is designed to better the community and to educate students about various topics related to the military, such as The History of Flight, Aerospace Science or World Studies while also incorporating leadership training and physical activities.

  2. What are the benefits of taking JROTC?

    JROTC benefits you by teaching you practical life skills and exposing you to new ideas. Also, if a cadet completes 3 years of JROTC, if he or she joins the military, they will enter as an E-3 in the Air Force, Army, or Navy, and as a E-2 in the marines. That rank difference translates into more money each month of service, and faster military progression.

  3. If I join JROTC, am I obligated to join the military?

    When you take JROTC in high school, there is NO military requirements or obligations. The program instructors can provide valuable information and opportunities concerning the military, but never require students to commit to any branch of the armed forces.

  4. If I take Air Force JROTC, can I join another branch?

    When taking JROTC, it does not matter what branch you want to join, only that you are taking the class. Our instructors encourage joining the Air Force, but do not force it upon any person. Many graduates have joined the Army, Navy, and Marines, and the instructors have helped them along the way.

  5. What does Newnan JROTC do?

    The Newnan JROTC program performs many various things. We do community service activities, such as working football games, special Olympics, veteran's events, and parades. The Drill Team competes all over the state and in some national competitions for trophies. We sometimes do flag ceremonies and exhibitions for various events. We try to stay very active in our community.

  6. When do I have to wear my uniform?

    The JROTC uniform is worn every Thursday of the week, with the exception of the first few weeks of class and last few weeks of class. Also, sometimes it is necessary to wear the uniform on a different day; however, you will be informed ahead of time when to wear it. Members of the drill team and the reserve flight are required to wear the uniform all year, whereas one semester cadets are only required to wear it during the semester they have the class. Cadets are not required to wear uniforms while attending CEC.

  7. Do I have to pay for anything to take JROTC?

    No and yes, you will not be charged for the uniform or the shoes, but there is a $40 class fee that helps us cover the expenses of a classs trip, food for the class trip, busses, and a PT tee-shirt.

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